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They say that grief breaks men and hollows women. But why do I feel so empty?

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  • If you ever feel stupid just remember I accidentally and unknowingly sent all my KARA songs to the Recycle Bin

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  • crazy-magic-sugar:

    HA:TFELT | ‘Ain’t Nobody’ MV

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  • Ain't Nobody
    HA:TFELT (Ye-Eun) from the album Me?
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    HA:TFELT (핫펠트) [YE-EUN (예은)] - Ain’t Nobody

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  • 마리오네트
    스텔라(Stellar) from the album 마리오네트
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    Look at the broken me, a doll in pain from being torn by you
    Look, I’m still being dragged around by you
    My deep scars are irreversible
    I’m still in your hands, I’m that that that that that that that that doll

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  • Don’t make slight efforts, don’t just skim through it. Study me to know what kind of person I am.

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  • femalexpresident:

    Stellar's Mask MV dresses appreciation
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  • 마스크
    스텔라 (STELLAR) from the album 마스크
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    마스크 (MASK) - 스텔라 (STELLAR)

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  • 마리오네트 (Marionette)
    스텔라 (Stellar) from the album 마리오네트
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    Stellar - Marionette

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  • 클렌징크림 (Cleansing Cream)
    브라운아이드걸스 (Brown Eyed Girls) from the album 클렌징크림
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    브라운아이드걸스 (Brown Eyed Girls) - 클렌징크림 (Cleansing Cream)

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  • kpop mv scenery porn ∞ brown eyed girls’ cleansing cream

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  • top ten heartwrenching kpop songs: brown eyed girls - 클렌징크림 (cleansing cream)

    why, why, why, unni?
    all throughout the night, why can’t I forget him?
    why, why, why, unni?
    with my blackened and smeared tears, I can’t forget him
    and I stubbornly say, bye, bye

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∞ favorite mvs; brown eyed girls (cleasing cream)

     favorite mvs; brown eyed girls (cleasing cream)

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  • 아직도 니 손을, 난 that doll
    Stellar, Marionette    
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  • Dash doing things

    Dash doing things

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